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Welcome to the AffinityAnalytics Academy information and sign-up page.

What is

AffinityAnalytics Academy is a 12 week program designed to transform people with little or no software development experience into software programmers who will join AffinityAnalytics.

What technical
will I learn?

You will learn to program in JAVA, PHP, JavaScript, HTML and SQL. In addition, you will learn how to use Amazon Web Services (AWS), key concepts of Linux operating system, and relational database functionality.

When and where
is AffinityAnalytics

AffinityAnalytics Academy will be accepting candidates from January 15 - March 1, 2018. The Academy will start on April 1, 2018 at AffinityAnalytics Europe offices at Business Center Kosice on Sturova 27, Kosice, Slovak Republic.

How does AffinityAnalytics Academy work?

The 12 week program is split into 2 sessions, during the first session Academy members participate in hands on instructions, lectures, lab exercises and homework assignments led by experienced faculty from the Technical University Kosice (TUKE). At the end of the first session there is an extensive examination, and those Academy members who pass the exam continue to the second session. The second session is led by our experienced development team leaders with hands-on assignments and additional training. The Academy members who successfully complete the second session receive guaranteed bonuses and are placed within our development team. The vast majority of the instruction is conducted in Slovak, however most written content is in English.

Is AffinityAnalytics Academy a paid program?

All Academy members receive salary compensation and are legal employees of AffinityAnalytics s.r.o. The standard compensation will be 700 euros per month. Those who successfully complete the Academy program receive a significant raise, with a salary of 1000 euros or higher.

Am I guaranteed a permanent job if I get accepted?

The Academy is an evaluation program, every Academy member will be evaluated regularly, and those who do not meet the strict performance criteria can be terminated with a single day notice. Any candidate who successfully completes the Academy will be placed in a permanent job at AffinityAnalytics.

What type of projects do software engineers work on at AffinityAnalytics?

We build process automation solutions for medical practices in the United States. What that means on a day-to-day basis is that build survey and messaging solutions for Email, SMS and IVR phone calls. We also build automated web page content parsing solutions that are able to operate within a high security requirement environment. We also build a great deal of analytical reporting solutions. Our work relies heavily on components of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform.

What type of candidates are you looking for?

We are looking for motivated people who want to work building exciting software solutions. The only pre-requisites are an ability to read and write in English, a desire to write software, and a disciplined, independent approach to learning.

How do i sign up?

Please fill out the following form if you would like to be considered for the Academy, one of our team members will promptly contact you with information on next steps.

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