Academy Intake Test

Welcome to AffinityAnalytics Academy Intake Test.

This is a 15 minute test with 25 questions.

You have only one attempt on the test.

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1. At a meeting of 6 people, every person shakes hands with every other person one time.

How many total handshakes are there?
2. Giselle is taller than Jane. Nanette is taller than Giselle.

Who is the tallest?
3. QQZZQQQQQZQZZQ is 55335555535335 then ZQQZZZQQZZQQQZQQZZZZ is __________________?

4. Add all the numbers in this list: 2, 3, 6, 7, 9, 13, 14, 15.

Is the total even or odd?
5. What is the missing number?

28           29           57           86                     229
6. Consider all the numbers from 1 to 100 in a sequence.  If you add any two numbers that have one number in between them, will the result be:
7. Replace the blank space with 3-letter words which have the same 3 letters.

The executive decided to a well respected consulting firm to avoid having to his competitors.
8. In three years, Jim will be twice John’s age. Two year ago, Jim was seven times John’s age.

How old is Jim now?
9. Aunt is to uncle as nephew is to:
10. Which 4-letter word can be attached to the front these words to form five new words?

AGE           WIDTH           IT           STAND           WAGON
11. Peter own 49 toy cars. Some are red, some are green and some are blue. One seventh are black.

Are 7 cars blue?
12. Bob’s grandmother is John’s father’s mother.

How is Bob related to John?
13. John was 29th in line at the movie theater. He was also 29th from the back of the line.

How many people were in line?
14. Now, it’s six times as long since noon as it was five hours ago, what time is it now?

Give the answer in military time format (00:00)
15. Two friends start at the same point. They walk in the opposite direction for 10 meters between them, then turn right and walk another 10 meters between them. Then, they turn right and walk another 10 meters between them.

How far apart are they?
16. What is the number six thousand, eight hundred, sixty-eight when written backwards?
17. If a hexagon is 30, how many is a square?
18. If Friday is in three days, which day was the day before yesterday?
19. If Tuesday is the fourth day of the month, what day of the month is the upcoming Monday?
20. Two friends start at the same point. They walk in the opposite directions for 3 meters between them. Then they turn left and walk 4 meters between them.

How far apart are they?
21. From the following statement which conclusion is absolutely true?

None of the mechanics are football players.
All mathematicians are mechanics.
22. Which object is least like the others?
23. What is the next letter in this sequence?

A   B   A  C  B  C  B  D  C 
24. What is the missing number in this sequence?

9           25           49           81                     169
25. Peter likes the number 361 but not 362. He likes 3600 but not 3400. He likes 121 but not 122.

Which number does he not like?

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